Fire Nation Symbol

Fire Nation Symbol

What is Fire Nation Symbol

The symbols that comprise the two main nations of the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom are as much related to one another as they are with their fire and earth counterparts. However, while the original ones can be thought of as the original Fire Nation symbol and Earth Kingdom symbol, they were actually derived from an earlier version of the Water Tribe symbol. If you are looking for some more information on this subject, then read on.

Of course, when it comes to the two nations, what actually constitutes their logos are the actual colors they use as their uniform. The two nations have several primary colors, but the Fire Nation’s primary color is red while the Earth Kingdom uses blue, green, and brown.

So how do the Earth Kingdom symbol and the Fire Nation symbol relate to one another? Each has a few specific characteristics. Of course, since there are two nations, then there are two symbols that represent them, but this may not be enough. In addition, because the two have numerous enemies, these two symbols have several enemies as well. Fire Emoji

For example, there is the original Fire Nation symbol, which is yellow in color. This means that the Fire Nation is located in the land of fire, which in this case means the desert. But that is not all.

The Fire Nation has a tall arch that sits above their war front. Some of these are triangular in shape, while others are circular in shape. This symbol is quite large compared to the others, making it large and imposing. You can see the arch in the Avatar movie, so the symbols’ size and physical presence are quite a nice touch.

Now, the Water Tribe symbol is another way of looking at this. It is a tall pyramid, which sits beneath a lake, surrounded by water. The water is purple, blue, and brown in color.

Of course, this symbol also represents the water element. The water symbol itself is quite pleasing in color and is highly stylized and elegant, and especially like the colors, its physical presence is in all ways imposing.

Because the Fire Nation and the Water Tribe do not have neighbors as such, they must fight one another to defend their area. However, because the Water Tribe has a different symbol than the Fire Nation, they must be wary of one another. The two icons will not always want to work together because there is such a long way to go to get there.

If we look back to the original symbols, we see that both are based on two elements – the white and black. Of course, the Water Tribe symbol is much more geometric, and the Fire Nation symbol is based on an ancient symbol, the snake. Fire Emoji Png

The Earth symbol is based on both the sky and the earth. The symbols themselves can be either a pyramid with four sides.

Finally, with that being said, you can probably see why the two symbols look so different, and why they have to battle each other over who will get to represent the two nations. Hopefully, this has been helpful in understanding these two concepts.

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